Your Seed to Sale Solution for Hemp

Hemp Ag Solutions is the first end-to-end solution and partner for the agricultural community to grow and process industrial hemp


With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the U.S. Cannabidiol (CBD) industry continues to trend upward, with market size projections reaching into the billions. However, while demand for CBD and other hemp-based products continues to grow, available supply is lagging behind.

Meanwhile, for many farmers, the staple crops they have been farming for generations are starting to lose economic viability. Hemp provides a compelling alternative and positive outlook, but due to lack of industry structure and established best practices, farmers have been hesitant to make the transition to hemp.

Hemp Ag Solutions provides a new opportunity for these farmers to participate in the skyrocketing growth of the hemp industry by providing an end-to-end solution for planting, growing, harvesting, and monetizing hemp.


What makes Hemp Ag Solutions different is that we work with the farmer every step of the way. Generally, a hemp seed supplier will sell you the seed and send you on your way, we provide the seed with a full vertical solution — from genetics, to cultivation, to processing, to distribution.


Proven in the Pacific Northwest, our plants are stable and resistant to the pathogens of moist climates.


Our strategic and systematized process helps ensure efficient farming and harvesting while utelizing existing farming equipment.


Our dedicated facility for drying and milling hemp is designed with volume and scale in mind.


Leverage our connections with both local and national sales channels to monetize your crop



I am a local berry farmer interested in growing hemp, but was having trouble navigating my path into the industry, then I found Hemp Ag Solutions. They have answered all of my questions and provided me with a solid game plan for everything needed to grow and harvest hemp in 2019. Experienced, knowledgeable and professional and my new partner in the hemp business.

- Willamette Valley Farmer


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